Urban Cocoons

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This propsoal aims to influence the public’s journey through the urban environment by aiming to engage everyday people in the discussion of experimental approaches to the use of civic spaces. These prototypes aim to do this by creating the means for alternate situations and environments.

Phone booth’s are the focus of this project, a common object of the urban environment which have become neglected due to technological advancements in society.

Adopting the Situationist International’s approach: ‘détournement’, plastic sheeting has been used to highlight this by concealing and re-purposing the disused object. Inspired by scaffolding structures, through this process the phone booth becomes enclosed and unfamiliar, suggesting a state of transformation within it’s cocoon.

This proposal seeks to engage with ‘pyhchogeography’ in order to attract or repulse the public from these structures and potentially influence their journey through the city.

These phone booth’s will eventually and inevtiably be replaced by other capitalist-orientated amenities or technology.
This project however intends to open wider discussions as to how these structures could be repurposed or replaced in order to improve public morale and independently engage with communities and local issues.


︎︎︎ Interventions

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