Photographer, filmmaker and artist born in Brighton, based in Glasgow.

Habben’s current projects explore human intervention, globalisation, public space, British culture, urban environments and social behaviour.

Habben is a graduate from the Glasgow School of Art where he received a First Class BA (Hons) in Communication Design: Photography (2020).


He has recently completed working on a short film commissioned by the Scottish Football Association (SFA).
This documents United Glasgow FC, a club who campaign for refugees rights and champion the ideals of inclusivity and accessibility in Scottish football.

For commissions, enquiries, or collaborations: 


First Class BA (Hons) Communication Design: Photography,
Glasgow School of Art (2020)

Semester Abroad, Ontario College of Art, Toronto, Canada (2018)

Art Foundation Diploma, Brighton City College (2016)

Exhibitions & Events:

Odyssey, South West Collective (2020)

ds2020simulator (2020)

GSA Graduate Showcase (2020)

WIP Show, Glasgow School of Art (2020)

GZF (2018-19)

The Old Hairdressers (2017)

Fabrica Gallery (2014)


‘Contested’ (2019)

‘You Are Here’ (2018)

Press & Awards:

Creative Review: Gradwatch (2020)

Earth Photo (2020)

Pupil Sphere (2020)

EIZO Colour Student Award,

PhotoGrad (2020)

Nationwide Degree Show,
Business of Fashion Curation 

Intern-mag (2020)

CNN (2020)

Public-Source XYZ (2020)

GSA Sustainability (2020)

Random Access (2020)

Issues-mag (2019)

FotoDocument (2014)


Scottish Football Association (2020)

HeadGirl (2020)

The North Laine Runner (2018)

Comme Je Veux (2016-17)

The Point. (ongoing)